Think Tank Summit

September 11th - 12th
Kamas | Utah

An Agenda-less Gathering of the Abundantly Brilliant, Genuinely Collaborative and Curiously Inspired Individuals and Minds.

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To a Smarter way of Networking.
Meeting the right people by design; not by chance.

If you are reading this, there can only be three reasons that you are here on this site.

1. Somebody (most likely one of our existing members) thinks highly of you, nominated you and want you to come experience a new way of meeting quality people just like yourself.

2. Your reputation precedes you. We heard or know about your brilliance and the great things you've done or are currently working on and we would like to include the value you can bring to the table to this unique community. And in return, we want to blow your mind and enrich your soul many folds back.

3. You somehow stumbled across our website and the name “Brilliant Minds Group” and / or the idea of a “Think Tank” compels you to check this out.

Regardless of how or what brought you to this page, we welcome you and hope you're the “Cool Cat” we're looking for to join us at this upcoming Think Tank Summit for brilliant minds and inspired individuals.


You have heard of the saying: If you are the smartest person in the room;
you are in the wrong room.

BMG Think Tank Summit is proudly brought to you by Sandra Fan - “the Alchemist of Human Connections” and powered by her company EventQpids; a boutique Outsourced Networking company that help provide great entrepreneurs a better, smarter, more effective and efficient way of “Networking”.

How do you meet the right people you need for what you are working on?
Where do you go and whose hands should you try to shake when you are out and about trying to make relevant connections?

Look no more. EventQpids is here to help you meet who you need to meet by design, not by chance.

Our very unique event series will open up a whole new networking efficiency and experience for you with great new business contacts, exciting new friendships, inspiring new ideas and organically transpirational opportunities that you never knew existed.


Brilliant Minds Group Think Tank Summit 2019
(Aka. BMG TTS2019)

An Agenda-less Gathering of the Abundantly Brilliant, Genuinely Collaborative and Curiously Inspired Individuals and Minds.

September 11th - 12th, 2019
Limited Seating
A Room Full of Brilliantly Cool Cats (Maximum 100)
First in, first served basis.
Via Application, “Captivation” or Nomination
1.5 Days of intellectual-stimulation fest and immersive human-connections experience.

Our method?

Creative + Fluid + Strategic
= Organically Transpired Opportunities

Each and every attendees will be carefully hand-picked and vetted based on Character, Integrity, Value-add and Synergistic Magnitude.
Diversified backgrounds, experiences, expertise and verticals across the board.
Dynamic, Interesting, Random but somewhat Fascinating Human Beings.


DAY 1: Think Tank Summit
Wednesday, September 11th | 9:30am - 9pm
@ DeJoria Center at High Star Ranch, Kamas, Utah
Dress code: Business Casual with a splash of “Rancho”

Thursday, September 12th | 12pm - 4pm
@ Vanderhall at Hall Labs, Provo, Utah
Dress code: “Bring On Your Nerd” or “Geeking Out”


Your Investment to Attend for the full 1.5 days Think Tank Summit is

$1495 per Cool Cat

Your admission investment includes buffet lunch, dinner, non-alcoholic beverages and refreshments throughout Day 1 at the Think Tank Summit. This also includes lunch and refreshments on Day 2 at THE AFTERTHOUGHT.
Cash bar will be available during Day 1 from 2pm onward.


THE CAT-HERDING - The hundreds and thousands of hours we spent in finding and herding all the cool cats into one room, which otherwise would've required you to go to hundreds of different events to meet these people. We're bringing good quality people to you all in one setting.

THE CURATION - We carefully assess and study every attendee who is coming and based on who y'all are, what you do, what you are passionate about, your personality type and more. We design and curate a networking itinerary that will help you maximize your networking effort and investment.

THE HUMANIZATION - We create the safe environment and opportunity to force you to take time out to be your true brilliant self. Reminding you to “just be”. An opportunity to disconnect from your day to day routine AND connect to something different.

THE TRIBE - Make life-long friendships beyond business connections. Have authentic and powerful conversations with like-minded people that inspire and recuperate you.

THE INSPIRATIONS - Discover and uncover new possibilities and opportunities both personally and professionally that you didn't see coming.

THE ELEVATION - Think outside of the box and be aware of all the amazing things others are doing out there.

THE LIBERATION - To have fun, great food, letting your hair down!

We strive to make this one of the most intellectually stimulating and soul enriching experiences for you, with hopefully amazing and positive effects that will continue to influence your life for a long time to come.

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Be Cool;
Be Good;
Do Good
And always
and Spreading

No hard-selling;
No hard-pitching;
Leave your Ego at the door;
No "Me Monsters"
and Don't be a Judgemental-Asshole.


BMG is NOT or Tinder
All attendees must refrain from
utilizing this professional social platform
to further their dating life.

It's inappropriate, not cool and very creepy.


You will be asked to prepare a 5-minute talk of "Something Fascinating or Mind Blowing."
More details and instructions on this portion will be given to you upon Approval of Application.


DAY 1: Think Tank Summit | Wednesday, September 11th

9:30am Arrival and Check-in
10:00am Think Tank Kick-off
10:30am Tank Session 1
11:30am Networking Lunch
1:00pm Tank Session 2
2:00pm Tank Session 3
4:00pm Cocktail Hour begins
6:00pm Networking Dinner
7:00pm Tank Session 4
Dancing Barn + Continued Spontaneous Combustion Networking
9:00pm It’s a wrap! Reunite the next day @ The Afterthought

Day 2: The Afterthought (aka. The After-Party)

Thursday, September 12th from 12pm - 4pm
Innovation Wonder + Vanderhall Play Day at Hall Labs, Provo, Utah

Following an exhilarating and invigorating day of making new connections and discovering new transpirational opportunities at the BMG Think Tank Summit on Day 1; we will move away from the beautiful and serene High Star Ranch in Kamas towards Provo; spending the next day as a “follow-up play day” at one of Utah’s most advanced and leading innovation campus - Hall Labs. A modern-day Edison-lab that brings together innovators, scientists and engineers to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Graciously sponsored by Hall Venture Partners and Hall Labs, we will have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by this state-of-the-art hub of brilliance and innovation. Not only you will have the opportunity to test drive one of the infamous Vanderhalls; we will have a delicious lunch catered, refreshments throughout the day with continued networking games; meeting even more cool cats; a scavenger hunt to keep it educationally entertaining; while getting your mind blown by all the remarkable things that’s happening at this outrageously awesome facility.

Lunch will be served promptly from 12pm - 1:30pm with curated networking games and exercises starting at 1:00pm and Hall Labs Innovation Wonder Tour in groups of 8 every 30 minutes.
To learn more about Hall Labs please visit HERE.
To learn more about the Hall Venture Partners please visit HERE.

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